The 45 Day Tweet: Best Enjoyed At Room Temp

Social Media Fail: #TheArtOfCheese


Social Media Fail the art of cheese alan partridge


I’ve often sat in front a blank screen, fingers poised above the keyboard, unsure of what to write. I’ve also spent time (longer than I’d care to admit) trimming down a few lines of text to fit within Twitter’s pesky character limit, reframing and rewording as I go.

But an article in Business Insider published last week told the story of a tweet that took far longer to write than any of mine. What did it say then, what 140 characters could possibly have taken so long compose?

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Writing On The Wall By Tom Standage

Book Review


Writing On The Wall is the latest ‘history’ book penned by the digital editor of The Economist and Editor-In-Chief of its website, Tom Standage. It’s subtitle ‘Social media – The first 2,000 years’ accurately encapsulates the books key theme, that being that contrary to popular belief social media is nothing new, it has been around for millennia and only the delivery method has changed. Read More