Parody PR Perfectly Executed

I came across two excellent examples of parody PR today that I thought I’d share with you.

The first is from Paddy Power, who truly have become the masters of mischief with some excellent stunt work in recent years. The scamps erected a statue of sacked Manchester United manager, David Moyes at Anfield on a plinth inscribed with ‘for services to Liverpool Football Club’ suggesting that the club’s poor performance under Moyes may well hand the title to Liverpool. Read More

PR Stunts: Pushing All Of The Right Buttons

Yesterday saw one of my favourite PR stunts in recent times – Playstation’s takeover of the OXO tower.

For those of you who don’t know it, the building has a fascinating history – using clever architecture to sidestep skyline advertising restrictions.

The PR stunt saw the brand switch one iconic image for another, replacing the famous tower windows with the symbols from the games console’s controller in an effort to boost awareness and interest in Sony’s upcoming launch of the new PS4. Read More

Rich Leigh: Young Yeti Seen In Leeds

Last week Rich Leigh, account director at Gloucester based 10 Yetis PR and newly named in PR Week’s 29 under 29 list of young PR talent, spoke to the Journalism and Public Relations (JPR) society at Leeds Metropolitan University.

At only 25 Rich is still a young man – not much older than the students at his talk – however he is very knowledgeable about the industry and seemingly has extra fingers in many PR pies. He has worked on campaigns that virtually everyone has heard about, including Paddy Power’s Ryder Cup sky-writing stunt. Read More