Public Image: The Changing Face Of Wine

One of the many things a good public relations program can offer is a change in reputation or public image for its client. An example from ‘Down Under’ demonstrates this well.


public image wine chateau chunder


Not so long ago in this country, wine was still considered the tipple of the toff, only accessible to the wealthier, upper strata of British society – now we can all drink it (if we like), so what changed? Read More

Social CRM Crucial To Hospitality Industry

‘The customer is always right’, that old adage that the service industry loves to hate. Most of the time it does hold true, but there are definitely a few customers who don’t know their onions from their onglet.

Service is not a Field of Dreams, you cannot sit back and expect the customer to always come to you, it is a service professional’s job to know what they want, how they want it and manage their expectations. To do this you need to be where the customers are.


Social CRM Hospitality
It’s not difficult is it, even a paper plate and marker pen will do!


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