Why Should Businesses Blog?

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I ran into Michael Cassop Thompson this morning in Leeds – I have an awful lot of time and respect for him and although we are both busy people a quick hello became a half hour chat.

One of the things we spoke about was blogging – why do people blog, what does it gain them?


“The business of blogging involves learning, professional and personal development, networking and profile. It is evolving but for those individuals and organisations that are prepared to invest it has a strong future.” – Stephen Waddington, European Digital and Social Media Director at Ketchum and President of the CIPR.

For me blogging (business blogging that is) is a differentiator, an insight into the views and ethos of a professional or company.

The public face of a company was once the senior staff, the board, the CEO. The blog now sits within this mix, it’s personal insights and expertise communicate a lot about its author to the readership, be that one or one million.

Blogs can offer a lot to a business, bringing in new leads, building awareness, reputation and give a human voice to a company – blogs aren’t limited to 140 characters, you can elaborate on points and explain yourself with context, all without sounding like a robot or corporate drone.

It can show what you are doing, what you have done, your strengths and much more. But if you’re going to use it, especially if you want to see these benefits, you need to be doing it well – producing high quality content that people can engage with and want to share. It’s no good writing something brilliant for an audience of one, unless of course it can convert that reader into a client. Write so that one reader shares with his network and they share with theirs and so on.

Blogging is time consuming, and very much an investment – it can improve SEO and visibility – but like anything in business if it’s worth doing, it’s worth taking the time to do well.

Bearing this in mind, Michael raised an interesting point: What then are the advantages of a company website over a blog, if a business runs a blog does it even need a website or will that suffice?

It’s certainly something to think about.

A great E-book on the subject popped up in my feeds as I was writing this – it’s definitely worth a read:

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