30 Lessons I’ve Learned In 30 Years

30 lessons in 30 years @MattSilverPR

The past year or so has taught us many lessons and given most of us a chance to reflect on things, whether those were bigger, complex thoughts or the smaller, simpler things that had been whirring away at the back of minds.

The time to process – and act on – some of those, has been one of the few positives to take from this period.

The pandemic, and the lockdowns intended to halt its spread have coincided with the last year of my twenties. From today I can no longer select the 18-29 option on drop down menus, but the time it’s allowed me to reflect on my first 30 years on this planet has been incredibly valuable and brought fresh clarity I’ll take in to the next.

Inspired partly by a film set in a post-pandemic world and partly by Stephen Waddington’s posts on a similar theme, I’ve jotted down a few thoughts on 30 lessons I’ve learned and things I’ve come to understand and (for the most part) put into practice at this point in my life.

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Poor communications see WhatsApp users flock to privacy-focused rivals

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update Communicated So Badly Users Fled To Other Services | Matt Silver PR

In recent years a growing number of people have been turning their backs on Facebook. Whether due to an alleged lack of action on hate speech or over privacy concerns, over the past 12 months the exodus from Facebook’s core platform seems to have gained ground. However, while people are leaving Facebook – the app – many were still using other Facebook services, notably messaging app WhatsApp and photo-sharing platform, Instagram. Now, that seems to be changing too.

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Will 2020’s “silly season” be disrupted by Coronavirus?

Jeremy Corbyn and his massive marrow

For all the talk of the ‘new normal’ in 2020, one area that seems to have been overlooked is the media’s so-called ‘silly season’. So far this year, much of the news agenda has been dedicated to fast-paced reporting of serious issues. So are we going to see the traditional late summer silliness in our favourite publications? Or will current affairs dictate a more serious tone?

A cursory look at Wikipedia will tell you that the first written account of the term ‘silly season’ came in 1861. It remains in popular use today. Although in some other places, it is apparently better known as cucumber time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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Is Trust In Our Institutions Declining?

Trust in Institutions

In recent times, every new year seems to have begun with the declaration that our trust in institutions is changing, and for the most part we hear it has been on the decline. But in 2020, fresh questions have been asked about the research driving those conversations. It might be the only public relations IP known beyond our industry bubble, but should it be considered anything more than a clever lead-gen asset?

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