john lewis thanksgiving

As I’m sure most of us are aware, American’s across the globe are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving – a time for celebrating the harvest and showing appreciation for friends, family and any number of different things you are thankful for.

British brand, John Lewis have rather embraced the thanksgiving sentiment this year, showing their appreciation for the efforts of a twitter user from the USA.


The man, also called John Lewis, has been inundated with tweets about any number of customer service issues, enquiries and such like for the brand in recent times because his handle, @johnlewis was used in place of the brand’s own @johnlewisretail.

His responses to these tweets were in fact very British, he politely corrected people, redirected them to the correct account and in many cases helped people on their merry way to the Bear and the Hare advert everybody’s been talking about in the run up to the festive season (below) .

The partnership saw fit to reward John with a selection of goodies (including a new Macbook) and a letter from a number of their staff, something which has not cost them very much in the grand scheme of things, however the gesture will be very much appreciated by the man (and indeed the wider public) and is very much justified given the amount of time and effort he must have put into his responses.

A similar thing happened (and continues to) with another poor American tweeter who has to endure cricket-related tweets twice a year as her handle @theashes is bombarded with messages about the series.

This issue can happen from time-to-time, and in a move that has cost them no more than a couple of thousand pounds the British retailer will increase its media coverage at a time when countless brands are fighting over column inches and gain a few brownie points with the purchasing public.

A great piece of PR work, and a brilliant example of turning a potential “Brand Vandal” into a positive asset, an advocate if you like.

Matt Silver

CIPR accredited corporate reputation consultant at Ketchum with an interest in emerging technologies, social business, politics and policy. Fond of fine food and drink. Member of PRCA & CIPR #AIinPR panel.