California Dreaming: Batkid

When not studying or working I try to spend some of my time volunteering for a group that encourages people to join the stem cell/bone marrow register, in doing so giving hope to blood and bone cancer sufferers in desperate need of a lifesaving transplant.


So, when I saw the story of a young boy in San Francisco, now known as ‘Batkid‘ all over the world I was a little moved.


Batman with his new crime-fighting partner, Miles (Batkid) in San Francisco (Image from Associated Press)
Batman with his new crime-fighting partner, Miles in San Francisco (Image from Associated Press)

Batkid is a young boy suffering from leukaemia and has recently undergone his last session of chemotherapy treatment in an effort to counter the blood disease.

As with any young boy he has dreamt of being a superhero, and though I’m sure that many if not all of us when we were that age pretended we were any number of crime-fighting caped crusaders with friends and family, none of this compared to Batkid’s experiences.


The Make-A-Wish foundation heard about the five-year-old Miles and his love of superheroes and did something remarkable.


The foundation are well known for bringing wonder and joy to some of the most ill, vulnerable and underprivileged children, but this is by far the most elaborate wish I know them to have granted.

They rallied an entire city, converting San Francisco into ‘Gotham City’ for the day, with Miles – now Batkid – saving Gotham from three terrible foes.


In recognition for his crime-fighting, he received the freedom of the city and from now on in San Francisco, November 15th will now be ‘Batkid Day’.


In fact the story grew to such an extent that it crashed the foundation’s website, sweeping across the globe and touching the hearts and minds of many well wishers.

This is truly wonderful for Miles and his family, but it is important to remember that these terrible illnesses are not always overcome by chemotherapy and that often the last resort is a bone marrow transplant.

As I said above, I volunteer for a group that works with the Anthony Nolan charity, and if you live in the UK I would very much encourage you to look at its website and consider joining the donor register – some leukaemia sufferers aren’t as lucky as young Miles and this last resort treatment could save their life – be the cure.

Matt Silver

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